Today Show reporter Katie Couric will soon be releasing her book “Going There”. According to Daily Mail, the magazine that saw the manuscript of the book, it is due out later this October. The Daily Mail reveals that the journalist attacks everyone, even the royal family in her memoir. In his book, Couric describes Prince Harry’s breath that reeked of alcohol and cigarettes when they met. At the same time, she also describes how “Prince Andrew hooked up with Jeffrey Epstein at a bizarre dinner at his New York mansion.”

The interview with Prince Harry in question dates back to 2012. This meeting was made in Brazil, Prince Harry was still a young man who liked to party. According to Gala, it was on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elisabeth’s reign that this interview took place. Journalist Katie Couric was then scheduled to meet Prince Harry for the ABC News. Before the meeting, the Duke of Sussex had played a polo match, according to Gala. Katie Couric noticed that the smell of alcohol and cigarettes “leaks out of all of Harry’s pores”. She also does not fail to recall that at that time, Prince Harry “did the four hundred blows”.

Prince Harry drank and smoked a lot at one time

That foul smell of Prince Harry that Katie Couric noticed is completely normal. In his documentary The Me You Can’t See, Harry looks back on a not very glorious past where he was very partying. In his documentary he said, “I wanted to drink, I wanted to take drugs, I wanted to try anything, anything that could make me feel something other than what I felt.” The fact is that at this time the prince had to deal with the loss of his beloved mother Lady Di, and could drink several liters of alcohol. But earlier in his teens, Prince Harry had already been caught for cannabis use. This flagrante delicto earned him rehab.

Prince Harry © STARMAX

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