Prince Harry wrote his memoir titled Spare
The book will be published on January 10, 2023
Prince William’s brother promotes it on well-known Royal Family show

The year 2023 is off to a turbulent start for the royal family as they prepare for the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir on January 10. The Duke of Sussex has indeed decided to tell his side of the story, the way he grew up and his feelings within a very special family in the book entitled Spare. And to promote his memoirs – part of which has leaked – the 38-year-old father decided to give an interview to American television on January 8 in the program 60 minutes, which for the occasion will be hosted by one of the correspondents of the show, the famous journalist Anderson Cooper. And if Prince Harry chose 60 minutes to do his very first interview about his memoirs, it’s not by chance.

The historic show, created in 1968 for the American channel CBS, has already welcomed other members of the royal family. It is indeed in 60 minutes that Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, appeared in 1981 and it is also where King Charles III was interviewed in 2005. Prince Harry’s choice is therefore full of sense, since he intends to prove that his presence on the set of an American program in no way diminishes the legitimacy of his remarks. And according to the Mirror, the interview which will be broadcast on January 8, just two days before the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, promises to be full of revelations.

Harry and Meghan multiply the revelations

Facing Anderson Cooper, the Duke of Sussex will come back to the reasons that led him to write his memoirs, possibly the same ones that inspired the idea for the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, recently released on the streaming platform. The multiplication of the couple’s appearances and the very personal subjects discussed on different media, however, leave part of the public perplexed, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle having wanted to preserve their privacy as much as possible in recent years. But this time it’s a voluntary decision that others applaud, pointing out that at least the information about Harry’s life will finally come from Harry himself.

Prince Harry: this meaningful choice he made to talk about his memoirs for the first time on television

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