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Prince Harry: this little change of look spotted by his neighbor Rob Lowe

Prince Harry with a ponytail? Hard to believe, but yet that’s what one of his famous neighbors from Montecito asserts, who is none other than actor Rob Lowe. Guest on the Late Late Show of host James Corden, the star of the series 9-1-1: Lone Star has revealed to have seen the husband of Meghan Markle and have a crisp anecdote about him. He claims that Prince Harry has opted for a whole new hairstyle.

According to the words of the actor, the grandson of Queen Elisabeth II would have grown a ponytail. What surprise James Corden, close friend of the royal couple who had difficulty in being convinced by this crazy rumor. But not enough to dismantle Rob Lowe who then said: “I just ran into your compatriot, the English treasure, Prince Harry, at a red light” before continuing: “I’m pretty sure he was wearing a ponytail . Her hair seemed to have grown a lot and was styled back into what could only be a ponytail. ” Unexpected revelations to say the least that left the host perplexed. “I’m sure that’s not true. Do you know what I think happened? I think you haven’t seen Prince Harry” he then replied to the actor. Rob Lowe once again insisted on revealing that he even followed Prince Harry to verify the car was heading for his property. It only remains to wait for Prince Harry’s next public appearance to find out if Rob Lowe is telling the truth.

New look for a new life ?

What if this new hairstyle was yet another way for Prince Harry to mark a break with his life before? Soon a year after moving away from London, the Royal Family and ending his royal engagements, William’s brother seems to be completely embracing his new California lifestyle. According to British historian and biographer Robert Lacey, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would regret nothing from their Megxit. In an interview with People magazine, the expert even reveals that by going to live in the United States, Archie’s dad wanted to “go out and start a new life” and “assert his own identity” by freeing himself from the grip of his elders.

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