Prince Harry said he suffered frostbite to the penis.
This incident embarrassed him during the wedding of Prince William.
Prince Harry’s frozen penis was mocked at the Grammy Awards.

In his memoirs entitled “The Substitute”, Prince Harry gave himself up to many confidences, sometimes intimate. Indeed, he did not hesitate to address personal subjects such as his frozen penis, following a trip to Antarctica in 2011. “My penis oscillated between extremely sensitive and almost traumatized” he related in his book.

After his return from Antarctica, the young prince had to attend the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton. A complicated event given that he still had frostbite. He had thus reported: “My frozen ears and cheeks were already healing, but not the penis”. After this story, the husband of Meghan Markle had confirmed that he had been circumcised when he was a baby. A practice which however did not allow him to avoid frostbite.

Trevor Noah mocks Prince Harry at the Grammys

Sunday, February 5, the 65th ceremony of the Grammy Awards was presented by Trevor Noah. While standing alongside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, he invited British presenter James Corden into the room. For the occasion, he wanted to make a joke by taking up the funny anecdote of Prince Harry. “James Corden is the winner of 12 Emmys and the presenter of The Late Show. But he’s also living proof that a man can move from London to Los Angeles and not tell everyone he had his penis frozen. !” he declared under the laughter of the guests.

Trevor Noah with a Prince Harry jab at the Grammys: “James Corden is a 12-time Emmy winner and the host of the Late Late Show. “He’s also living proof that a man can move from London to LA and not tell everyone about his frostbitten penis.”#GRAMMYs

— Jamie Johnson (@JamieoJohnson) February 6, 2023

If Trevor Noah did not explicitly mention the name of Prince Harry, the many celebrities present in the room quickly made the connection. Indeed, just like James Gorden, the son of Charles III decided to leave England to settle in the United States. Recently, his many intimate confessions have been addressed en masse in the press or during television interviews.

Prince Harry: this joke about his frozen penis in the middle of the Grammys ceremony which made the biggest stars laugh

Prince Harry © JLPPA

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