Prince Harry had a relationship with Cressida Bonas before marrying Meghan Markle
The couple has had a lot of ups and downs
A book about the royal family reveals the real reason for their breakup

The revelations come from the book The Palace Papers, written by Tina Brown. In her book, the author examines in particular the relationship between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas, a young woman he had met through his cousin Princess Eugenie. While things went pretty well for a while, the official reason for their breakup was that Cressida Bonas just couldn’t see herself becoming the wife of a member of the royal family and taking on all the responsibilities that come with it – a difficult role indeed, as shown by the media treatment of Meghan Markle…

Yet Tina Brown explains that an incident that took place at Christmas was also decisive for the couple formed by Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas. According to the author, it happened during the holidays, when the couple was staying in the countryside, with the half-sister of Cressida Bonas. While everyone had decided to take a short outing in town in a pub near Oxford, an incident would have disrupted their meal. Tina Brown writes: “As they were leaving an old man came up and said ‘Oh sir excuse me I know it’s Christmas but could I just take a picture to give to my sick wife?'”.

Prince Harry annoyed by the request?

To this question, Cressida would have answered “Yes, of course” while Prince Harry on would be content to tell the old man to get out of his way and then to storm out of the pub. An incident which would have contributed, according to Tina Brown, to the break-up of the couple some time later. She adds in her book that the young woman was also worried about what her relationship with Harry might mean for her acting career. The two exes, however, remained on good terms since Cressida Bonas was invited and present at the wedding of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle in 2018.

Prince Harry: this incident at Christmas that pushed him to separate from his ex

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