We know more about Samantha Markle’s upcoming lawsuit against her half-sister, Meghan. She is suing Prince Harry’s wife, whom William tried to dissuade from marrying, for £60,000 in damages. She claims Meghan ruined her reputation through “malicious lies” about her childhood. She talks about the revelations made publicly by Archie and Lilibeth’s mother to Oprah Winfrey during her television interview, broadcast worldwide in 2021.

Samantha Markle then officially asked Prince Harry, whom she did not hesitate to criticize, to testify at the trial. The Sunday Mirror had access to the legal documents and were able to claim that she called on him to take part in the video swearing proceedings. She also made it very clear that her half-sister be interviewed on video the day before her husband Prince Harry was questioned. She asks Meghan to make 38 separate confessions. Including those that the Queen of England, as well as King Charles, are not racist.

Samantha Markle requests that their father also make a statement

Samantha and Meghan Markle have the same father: Thomas Markle. This one is known to have had many different with Meghan. In anticipation of the trial, Samantha also requested that the latter make a statement. So did former royal aide Jason Knauf, Samantha’s daughter Ashleigh Hale and online security expert Christopher Bouzy. They meanwhile appeared in Harry and Meghan’s eponymous Netflix documentary miniseries, after which Meghan’s ex-best friend reacted.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister says she was the victim of ‘patently false and malicious statements’ which subjected her to ‘humiliation and hatred’ and is deeply angered by claims in Meghan and Harry’s Finding Freedom biography , released in 2020. Legal documents that were filed last Friday in Florida, reveal that she is also asking Meghan Markle to answer 23 questions as part of a ‘discovery’ period. Meghan and Harry’s lawyers have not yet agreed on a date for these famous depositions.

Prince Harry: this highly anticipated trial against Meghan Markle in which he will have to participate

Prince Harry © Good Morning America

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