It’s a decision he deeply regrets. A few weeks ago, Prince Harry announced that he did not want to return to the United Kingdom, fearing for his safety. Because by leaving the ranks of the British Crown, the husband of Meghan Markle has agreed to separate from the team that takes care of protecting him. “The United Kingdom will always be the homeland of Prince Harry and a country in which he wants his wife and children to be safe, wrote one of his spokespersons in a press release. Prince Harry inherited at birth a risk to his safety, for life.” On March 29 in Westminster Abbey, the Sussexes were therefore the major absentees from the tribute to Prince Philip, which even Elizabeth II attended, despite her health problems. But to believe the indiscretions, the Duke of Sussex regrets not having made the trip to honor his grandfather.

According to expert Stewart Pearce, Prince Harry was “very disappointed” not to attend the service. “I think a lot of Harry’s absence has to do with the security people, and he’s actually very disappointed not to be able to attend this remarkable day in honor of his grandfather, for who he loves immensely,” he told the Royally Us podcast. The Duke of Sussex is currently embroiled in a legal battle. He claims that he and his family are protected when they go to the United Kingdom. “Although his role within the institution has changed, his profile as a member of the royal family has not changed. Nor the threat to him and his family, assured his lawyers a few weeks ago. Without such protection, Prince Harry and his family cannot return home.”

Prince Harry accused of ‘snubbing Queen’ Elizabeth II

The tribute ceremony for Prince Philip brought together nearly 1,800 people, including most members of the royal family, but also foreign monarchs. The absence of the Sussexes, and their silence, triggered strong reactions across the Channel. “The wall of silence was as loud as if they had been shouting from the rafters of the abbey. The usually talkative Duke and Duchess of Sussex said nothing, annoyed expert Angela Levin. None spokesperson spat out long, indecipherable sentences. There were no flowers with the florist’s name proudly displayed. No comment from Archewell. None.” In the columns of the newspaper The Sun, Angela Levin estimated that the prince “snubs not only the Duke of Edinburgh [Philip] but above all, he snubs the queen” by his absence.

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