For several weeks, revelations about the British royal family have been linked. After the release of the documentary Harry & Meghan on Netflix, the Duke of Sussex unveiled his memoirs on January 10. An explosive work in which the son of King Charles III did not fail to scratch the members of the monarchy, and in particular his brother, Prince William.

But Prince Harry is not the only one to reveal embarrassing information about the Prince of Wales. In July 2022, biographer Tom Bower also published a book titled “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors”. Like that of Prince Harry, the book also had its share of explosive revelations. And a new chapter has just been published as a supplement. In it, the author claimed that Prince William purposely prevented Prince Harry from seeing Queen Elizabeth II before his death. Indeed, he is said to have ordered a Royal Air Force plane to leave without the Duke of Sussex as the latter rushed to try to join them in time and be at the bedside of the monarch on the day of her death at Balmoral.

“Harry is informed that Meghan is not welcome”

Kate Middleton’s husband would have made this decision because his brother wanted to go to Balmoral with Meghan Markle. However, Prince William would not have heard it that way. “For four years she had rejected invitations from the Queen to visit Balmoral but, in the last hours of her life, Meghan was eager to make the trip. Harry is firmly informed that Meghan is not welcome,” wrote Tom Bower in his book. William would therefore have ordered the plane to leave without Harry so as not to waste time debating whether or not Meghan Markle would come. The Duke of Sussex therefore had to hire his own plane, but he finally arrived too late at Balmoral, almost an hour and a half after the announcement of the death of the Queen.

Prince Harry: this cruel decision of his brother William on the day of the death of Elizabeth II

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