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Prince Harry: this commitment from Meghan that he will not support

Meghan Markle has always been a committed woman. Whether with women in precarious situations, animals, the planet or more recently the Black Lives Matter movement, the Duchess of Sussex is committed to making her voice heard in causes that are important to her. On August 21, it was a brand new commitment that Meghan Markle made: the right to vote. The 39-year-old mother spoke during a panel organized by the NGO When we all vote, co-founded by Michelle Obama. In front of her computer screen, Meghan Markle participated in a campaign to encourage citizens to go to the polls, on the sidelines of the US presidential election, on November 3, 2020.

If the Duchess of Sussex has shown her official commitment and recalled the importance of going to vote next November, for her part Prince Harry does not follow her. According to information from the Telegraph, the 35-year-old Duke will not support his wife as he has to follow and respect his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. On the official website of the British royal family, the Queen of England, as head of state, must “remain strictly neutral”. “By convention, the Queen cannot vote or stand for election,” he added. A neutrality that his children and grandchildren must also respect.

A half-word message …

In addition, we must not forget that Prince Harry has British nationality, unlike Meghan Markle who was born American and who has kept her nationality. In other words, the father of little Archie cannot vote in the next US presidential election, which pits Trump against Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Quietly from their new villa in Montecito, Prince Harry will watch his wife go to the polls, and vote. Since the couple retired from the British monarchy, Meghan Markle has been released from her old protocol obligations. During her recent speech, the Duchess did not mince words, urging American women to vote for further change … calling for a half-word to vote against current President Donald Trump.

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