Prince Harry: this characteristic syndrome that he would have developed with his therapies

Recently, Prince Harry announced his new mental health series on Apple TV. Which suggests that he will make some confessions about his own mental problems. Note that the Duke of Sussex has personally focused in this area. When announcing his new series, Harry explained that “the majority of us carry some form of trauma, loss or unresolved grief.” Dr Max Pemberton tells the Daily Mail that this is not necessarily a negative thing.

“The failures, struggles and difficulties that we encounter are what allow us to learn to stand on our own two legs and become stable and secure adults. It is part of learning to manage frustration, anxiety and uncertainty, ”says Pemberton.

“The characteristics of someone who has taken too much therapy”

Recently, Prince Harry had charged the royal family again. In an interview last Thursday, he shared that his father and the Queen had failed as parents. The Duke of Sussex had also confided that he had to leave the royal family in order to break the cycle of pain and genetic suffering.

Dr Max Pemberton claims Prince Harry fell victim to his many therapies. “He’s starting to embody the characteristics of those who have been through too much therapy – egocentric, egocentric, unhappy and resentful. He says he talks about his problems ‘to help others.’ That sounds pretty hollow,” says Max Pemberton.

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