Prince Harry’s book accidentally went on sale in Spain on January 5.
Passages from the book touch on the subject of the Duke of Sussex’s grief over the untimely death of his mother Lady Diana in 1997.
The medium consulted by Prince Harry reveals the message that his mother, Princess Diana, sends him from beyond.

Prince William’s younger brother was only 12 years old when his mother Lady Diana died. The Mirror reports that towards the end of his memoir, Prince Harry, 38, reveals how his pain led him to seek help from a psychic. Although the identity of the woman is not revealed, the Duke of Sussex describes her as a woman with “powers”. It would be trusted friends who would have recommended the husband of Meghan Markle, 41, to seek the services of this woman in order to contact Princess Diana.

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Citing excerpts from the book obtained by the Guardian, The Mirror reports that “Prince Harry ‘felt an energy’ around the woman as soon as he met her”. The psychic then allegedly revealed to the Duke of Sussex that his late mother was with him “right now”. After this revelation from the medium, Prince Harry would have “felt his neck becoming hot and his eyes becoming watery”.

Prince Harry: “proof” that Diana sends messages to the Duke of Sussex

Through the medium, his late mother Lady Diana reassures Prince Harry about his choice of life. The message the woman with “powers” received from beyond for Archie and Lilibet’s father is most reassuring and warm. “You’re living the life she couldn’t live. You’re living the life she wanted for you,” the woman revealed to Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex had confessed to the woman that he wanted to believe her, but still needed proof.

In the book, Prince Harry recounts how his son, Archie, accidentally broke a Christmas decoration bearing the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The woman would have known about this incident and after questioning him about it, she would have told him that Princess Diana was present at the time of the incident. “Your mom says she kinda laughed about it,” she allegedly revealed to him.

Prince Harry: this alleged message sent by his mother Diana from beyond

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