In March 2020, Prince Harry surprised the greatest number by leaving his royal duties. Earlier this year, it was on James Corden’s show that he explained: “We all know how the British press behaves. And it was destroying my sanity. It was toxic. So I did what any husband and father would have done – took my family out of there. ” While he is very committed to the mental health front, it is only natural that Meghan Markle’s husband accepted a position at the start-up Betterup, a company specializing in coaching and mental health. Asked about it by Fast Compagny, Prince Harry revealed: “We are only at the beginning of the awakening of mental health. This work has never been more important because people are finally paying attention to it. it deserves, and the major axis of this mission is to continue to promote this awareness and to continue the establishment of this conversation. “

Asked about the increase in resignations during the coronavirus pandemic, Prince Harry advised people who don’t like their job to quit! He said, “I discovered recently, through a conversation with Adam Grant, that most quits aren’t all bad. In fact, it’s a sign that with self-awareness comes the need. Many people around the world have been stuck in jobs that did not bring them joy, and now they are putting their sanity and happiness first. This is something that needs to be celebrated. “

Prince Harry’s advice sharply criticized

On social networks, many Internet users have expressed their anger following Prince Harry’s advice. One wrote on Twitter: “Prince Harry says we should all quit our posts if they don’t make us happy. What about hospital staff, hoteliers, men and women just grateful to have a job? You are so out of touch with the reality of the working class. ” Another netizen added: “It’s good for him to say that … He’s a millionaire. Only quit a job if you have a back-up plan. Leaving a job without a back-up plan could make your health worse. mental. Harry has to go sit down and be quiet. “

Prince Harry © Backgrid UK

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