In January 2020, Prince Harry and his wife announced their intention to leave the royal family. A very unexpected news and which had the effect of a bomb with the British. It is to move away from the media and to protect his family that the duke of Sussex has taken this decision. However, it seems that he has a lot of trouble with his new life since, like anyone who has been part of the royal family, his daily life interests the media. As his lawyers indicated in the columns of the Daily Express on March 23, Prince Harry would be the victim of “prejudice, embarrassment and distress”. The reason ? The publication of an article by The Mail on Sunday on February 20. In it, the tabloid evokes the legal battle of the husband of Meghan Markle against the British Ministry of the Interior. An initiative that he would have liked to keep secret but which was revealed in broad daylight. For his part, Prince Harry did not want to let it go.

Relations between the British press and the Sussex couple have often been very complicated and it is not the Duke of Sussex who will say the opposite. Following the publication of this article, he is said to have requested a “judicial review from the Home Office”, The Mail on Sunday revealed. The purpose of this? Highlight the fact that “police protection for him and his family will not be provided to them during their visits to the United Kingdom”, can we read. The tabloid also reports that the husband of Meghan Markle would have offered to “pay personally to have bodyguards, without ever advancing the sum”. An assertion which, according to the media, suggests that he “expected the guarantee to be financed by taxpayers”. For his part, Prince Harry would have been “upset (but unfortunately not surprised) by the distortion of the facts”, explained his lawyers before adding that it is a “violation of standards and ethics the most fundamental journalistic ones”. Revelations that will, without a doubt, make a lot of talk about her.

Prince Harry: why did he file a defamation complaint?

The members of the royal family are used to being the subject of rumors but also that their daily life is spread in the British press. So when this story of police protection came to light, Prince Harry followed the case. While he is accused of thinking taxpayers would pay for his protection, his lawyers have claimed the idea that he wanted to keep the matter secret was “unduly and cynically a way of trying to manipulate and confuse public opinion with false statements about his willingness to pay for police protection,” it read. For his part, the Duke of Sussex took matters into his own hands and filed a complaint against the publisher of the newspaper. He also sought damages for defamation. “It constitutes an attack on his honesty and integrity in addition to causing him stress and emotional turmoil,” they said before adding that it “also harms his charitable and philanthropic work”.

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