Prince Harry: these disconcerting confidences he would have made to some friends

Prince Harry’s homecoming seems to give him pause. While again in his ancestral land since June 25, the Duke of Sussex is “homesick”, an expert on the royal family has reported to the Daily Mirror. So much so that the husband of Meghan Markle, who remained in California to take care of their two children, called his friends “with sadness” to tell them that he wants to be reconciled with his family.

It must be said that Prince Harry has something to be overcome with emotions since he is back in England to inaugurate a statue in honor of his mother, in Kensington Gardens. Lady Diana should have turned 60 on July 1 if she hadn’t lost her life in a terrible accident 24 years ago.

Prince Harry and Prince William are scheduled to chat

At the end of this inauguration, Prince Harry and his brother Prince William planned to “discuss in private to clarify things”, revealed the historian Robert Lacey before adding: “I was told that Prince Harry has told friends that he would like to be reconciled with his brother, and that he is ready to admit to having made mistakes “.

Historian Robert Lacey also said that Harry’s friends made the prince aware of the prejudice caused by his hurtful statements to the Windsor clan, including when he told Oprah Winfrey that the Prince William and Prince Charles are “prisoners of the monarchy”.

Prince Harry: these disconcerting confidences that he would have made to certain friends © AGENCY

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