Prince Harry: the Duke of Sussex filmed in full alternative therapy to chase his traumas

Prince Harry seems ready to do anything to get rid of his demons. After having confided like never before on his mental health in his documentary series The Me You Can’t See unveiled on May 21 on Apple TV and co-produced with Oprah Winfrey, the Duke of Sussex agreed to deliver himself in front of the cameras at a trauma session. This one having for objective to help him to overcome his traumas and especially to chase them. So after meeting the therapist, Sanja Oakley, who followed him throughout his healing process, Archie’s dad underwent EDMR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This technique based on eye movements involves repairing the deepest wounds by releasing deeply buried thoughts and emotions. With her finger, the specialist stimulates the gaze of her patient in order to reconnect the two cerebral hemispheres, bring the anxieties to the surface and thus evacuate them.

“EDMR is something I always wanted to try and it was one of the healing techniques I was ready to experience. I would never have been open to it if I hadn’t done the work and therapy that I have practiced over the years, “admitted Prince Harry. If he accepted that the session be filmed, it is also to encourage people who are in the same situation as him to also follow therapy. It is also his wife Meghan Markle, who encouraged him, four years ago, to consult professionals following a “violent argument”, because she was fed up that he “behaves like a child of 12 years.” Today Harry is more grateful to his wife than ever.

Prince Harry unfiltered on his psychological disorders

During this interview, it is in all transparency that Prince Harry addressed the psychological disorders from which he suffered. He said he turned to alcohol and drugs, in his twenties, to deal with the death of his mother Diana. Harry also dropped new bombs on the royal family. He accused them of having lacked empathy in the face of the distress signals he and his wife sent them, before admitting to having felt abandoned by those close to him. “I thought my family would help me, but all the requests, requests, signals met with silence or complete indifference,” he lamented. Finally, the youngest son of Prince Charles returned to his youth with his father who was often very hard, questioning the education that he gave him. So many difficult memories that motivated his decision to go into exile in the United States with his half and his son.

Prince Harry © Backgrid UK

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