Prince Harry: the Duke of Sussex drops a new bomb on the royal family

Prince Harry continues to make shocking statements to his family. After questioning the education given to him by his father, Prince Charles, in the Armchair Expert podcast, the Duke of Sussex gave a layer of it in his documentary series unveiled this Friday, May 21 on Apple TV +. This project called The Me You Can’t See, which he co-produced with Oprah Winfrey, is dedicated to mental health. The opportunity for Prince William’s brother to deliver his own testimony by evoking his personal experience. Once again, Meghan Markle’s husband has not spared the Windsor clan, whom he holds in part responsible for the psychological troubles he encountered with his wife before the Megxit. Indeed, Harry regrets the lack of empathy and the total indifference of his family, faced with the distress signals that he and his wife had yet sent: “I thought my family would help me, but all the requests, the requests , the signals met with silence or total indifference “he lamented. Words that echo those of Meghan Markle during her interview with Oprah Winfrey last March. The former Suits actress had revealed that she had considered ending her life in 2019, due to the many persecutions she was subjected to.

Prince Harry claims to have felt “abandoned” by those close to him, so much so that he was starting to be ashamed to ask them for help. So many reasons that motivated his exile in the United States, when he had the impression of being “trapped” among his own. A departure which was frowned upon by Buckingham, who even tried to thwart the Sussexes’ plans: “With this feeling of being trapped within the family, there was no other option but to leave. When I made this decision for my family, I was told anyway: “You can’t do this”, and I asked them “How bad does the situation have to get for me to be allowed to do this? make?’. Meghan was going to end her life, it was not to come to that. “He recalled.

Prince Harry once again attacks his father Prince Charles

Over the episodes of this series, Prince Harry has also given open heart to the traumas of his childhood. Starting with the death of his mother, Lady Diana. A memory that continues to haunt him. He indicates that when he is in London, his anxiety is all the more present, when he hears, for example, “the sound of horses’ hooves” which reminds him of his mother’s funeral. Harry also returned to his youth with his father who was often very hard: “When I was younger, my father (Prince Charles, editor’s note) used to say to William and me: ‘It was like that for me, so it will be the same for you ‘”. A way of looking at things that “doesn’t make sense” according to Prince Harry. “It is not because you have suffered that your children must suffer too. It should even be the opposite. (…) Do all you can to turn bad experiences that you have had into something positive. . ” he explained. Assuring that he has no regrets at having settled in the United States, Archie’s dad confided in having started therapy, encouraged by his wife, who helps him a lot in his process of “reconciliation” with his family.

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