Prince Harry: the day he drank several liters of alcohol to forget

For the press and British citizens, he was none other than “Dirty Harry”, the party-goer alter ego of Prince Harry, frequently seen at parties with friends with a bottle or a glass in his hand. . But privately, the Duke of Sussex has mostly been a young man plagued by dark thoughts, turning to alcohol for healing. This is what reveals the book Prince Harry: The Inside Story by Duncan Larcombe, quoted by the tabloid The Mirror this Sunday, May 23. In this book, the author evokes the day when the future father drank liters of alcohol to console himself. The facts date back to 2008.

Prince Harry was reportedly pissed off at not being able to pay personal tribute to Lady Diana in April 2008, two days after the end of the investigation into the death of the Princess of Wales. Only a statement from Prince Charles was unveiled at the time of the facts. He felt compelled to remain silent. “Harry was furious at the official statement from his father’s staff, released on his behalf and welcoming the findings of the investigation.” To forget his pain, Meghan Markle’s husband let himself go during the bachelor party of his cousin Peter Phillips, about to marry Autumn Kelly, with his older brother William. “Under his arm was a piece of plastic pipe taped to one end by a large funnel. At one point Harry knelt down, put the other end of the pipe into his mouth as a pal poured out two quarts. alcohol (…) Even by Harry’s criteria, he was a young royal who drank to oblivion, “said Duncan Larcombe.

Prince Harry, revenge?

And by discussing with Prince Harry, asking him why he had not opposed Prince Charles’ press release, Duncan Larcombe was entitled to a very cash response. “They don’t work for me, they work for my father,” the Duke of Sussex is said to have mocked, referring to the Prince of Wales’ staff. Years of frustration which he now shares without any qualms for the royal family of England, even if it means weakening his links with his own clan a little more.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle © Agency

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