Prince Harry stripped of his military titles: will he appear in costume?

Circumstances force Prince Harry to return to his homeland. Indeed, the death of Prince Philip on April 9, 2021, his grandfather, at the age of 99, forces him to leave the comfort of his new life in the United States. It is a race against time for Archie’s father who will have to leave Uncle Sam’s country on April 11, 2021, go through a 5-day mini-confinement and above all pass a PCR test. It is only if the result of the latter is favorable that he will be able to join the British royal family.

Despite the current family tragedy, Prince Harry will have to face the effects of the dissension in his family. Indeed, for the funeral of his grandfather, the prince will wear a simple costume and not a uniform. Recall that since the retirement of Prince Philip, Prince Harry had taken his place in the royal organization chart concerning military activities. His exile forced him to resign and thus be dispossessed of his post of captain general of the Royal Marines.

“In the same situation as his uncle Andrew”

It is clear that Prince Harry will not be the only one wearing a simple costume on April 17. Indeed, his uncle Andrew will not be in uniform either. Recall that the son of Elizabeth II had to withdraw from public life as well as from the royal organization following the Epstein scandal.

As for Prince Harry, he will walk alongside his brother William, whom he has not seen for almost a year. Even under the strain of conflict, the two brothers will share together the pain of the loss of a loved one.


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