Prince Harry soon to be an American citizen? Meghan’s husband wants to relinquish his royal titles

For a year now, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle seem to have flourished in the United States. Far from the royal family, the couple do not forget to be very present with the population and do not hesitate to make video calls or even volunteering as soon as possible. However, according to information published by the Mirror this Sunday, January 31, Madame Levin, an expert advised Archie’s dad to give up his royal titles and become an American citizen if he wishes to have “the freedom to give opinions policies “. His words were reported by the tabloid: “I think Harry’s decision to teach people about how to live, what to do and who to vote for is a mistake in judgment, and even more so in the United States.” Indeed, Prince Harry had given his opinion a few days after the invasion of the Capitol in Washington. He described the attack as “against democracy” and added that there is “no way to minimize violent extremism organized on social media.” Words which, according to the expert, should have been made only if he had given up his royal title. “Having his royal titles has allowed him to do a variety of lucrative deals, but he can’t or shouldn’t have both,” she says. She also added that he “should not be speaking as a member of the royal family who still uses his royal titles”. Will Prince Harry make this decision?

By announcing their decision to “retire as members” of the British royal family on January 8, 2020, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had created a bomb. It was quickly swept away thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. However, while the independence of the royal couple, named “Megxit” was to be effective on March 31, 2021, the couple reversed their decision last December. The Daily Mail had revealed that they wanted a twelve-month extension of their agreement. This renegotiation would allow them to retain certain responsibilities including their royal patronage. They would, however, no longer be active members of the royal family. In addition, while relations within the royal family were not looking good at the start of the year, it seems that tensions have “subsided”, as explained by biographer Andrew Morton and whose words were reported by the English newspaper. Indeed, Prince Harry has even planned to visit the United Kingdom very soon. It will celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday as well as Prince Philip’s 110th birthday. He will also be present for the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana in the garden of Kensington Palace.

Solo tours

If the coronavirus pandemic permits, Prince Harry will travel to Britain on royal duties over the summer. However, he will not be accompanied by his wife Meghan Markle and his son Archie. Indeed, a source told the Daily Mail: “This is a personal and practical decision of the couple, but it would help them navigate what is probably a pretty delicate situation.” These solo visits will therefore also be a way for the couple to minimize the risk of contamination.

Prince Harry © Backgrid USA

Prince Harry © Backgrid USA
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