Prince Harry: Royal family employees “furious” after his shocking new release

Should Harry lose his title of prince? Following the recent speech by the son of Lady Diana and Prince Charles, the question would arise seriously. Indeed, this would have become the first subject discussed on the side of the employees of the royal family. “Furious” against the prince, as revealed by TMZ, they would not have appreciated his recent statements made in the recent podcast unveiled by American actor Dax Shepard called Armchair Expert. During this interview Archie’s father, who is no longer afraid to speak up to talk about the monarchy, notably let it be known that he had left this world to “break the cycle of pain” which he had suffered while growing up by questioning the education he had received. Then he explained that a life in the royal family of England was similar to that lived in a zoo.

Harry estranged from the royal family of England: should he give up his titles?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who did not feel out of place in the royal family, decided to leave it and fly to the United States a year ago. Elizabeth II’s grandson has repeatedly pointed out his differences with some of his family and, according to a source, the latter has to make a choice.

“The Duke of Sussex has now spent a lot of time emphasizing that he is no different from the rest, and taking on the institution which he says has caused him so much pain. not the institution, you don’t have to have a title, ”she said. Harry is a prince by birth, but still uses his title of Duke. Much like Meghan Markle is still named the Duchess of Sussex. Those close to the queen would be “dismayed” that such remarks were made, in particular because the period does not lend itself to it because of the recent death of prince Philip.

Prince Harry © Agency

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