The Invictus Games are taking place this week in The Hague, Netherlands. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are, of course, present at this event. Before joining the Netherlands, the Sussexes had made a surprise visit to Queen Elizabeth II. Moreover, during this event, Meghan Markle had discussed with another mother the difficulty for her and her husband, Prince Harry, to choose Archie’s first name before his birth. This time, it was Prince Harry who indulged in some hilarious secrets, reports People. Indeed, while chatting with an athlete, the Duke of Sussex joked that he was going to go bald. “I am doomed,” Prince Harry had said.

It was during the filming of a Dutch TV show for the promotion of the Invictus Games that this discussion took place. Dutch athlete Bart van der Burg was having his makeup done when Prince Harry, 37, threw a valve. “You still have a lot to do in this place,” he joked. It was then that the athlete replied that it would not take long for him to be bald too. “But you’re slower than me. I’m already…I’m doomed,” Prince Harry replied. “We have the same hairdresser, I guess,” retorted the athlete, adding “We call it a ‘bird’s nest'”. Which made the prince laugh.

Baldness is a family affair

Prince Harry is not the only one to take his baldness with humor. This is also the case of prince William who had already joked on the subject. In September 2017, the Duke of Cambridge was visiting a cafe set up by a homeless charity. Upon arrival, Prince Harry’s brother shook hands with the men’s hairdressers next door. “I don’t have a lot of hair, I can’t give you a lot of business,” he joked with hairstylist Taz Kabria at the time. How hair loss is just a joke for royal princes.

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