Without real surprise, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, 37, was present at the Super Bowl. A meeting that mixes both sports fans and celebrities. With the current situation related to the coronavirus, strict rules have been imposed in Los Angeles, especially regarding the wearing of masks. Rules that the husband of Meghan Markle, 40, obviously broke, according to the Daily Mail. Indeed, these rules stipulate that “wearing a mask is compulsory for all, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor public places and outdoor “mega-events” bringing together more than 5,000 people”. Those same rules say the mask can only be removed if the person is “actively eating or drinking.” This provided “to be seated or standing in a specific place such as a table, a counter or even a ticket seat”.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry, brother of Prince William, was seen flouting those rules backstage at the Super Bowl, reports the Daily Mail. In photos, the Duke of Sussex had greeted the actor, Cedric the Entertainer, backstage after removing his mask. A mask that Prince Harry wore when he was seated. Meghan Markle’s husband also made sure to cover up during the photo with Princess Eugenie of York in his premium suite. Also, Archie and Lilibet’s dad was seen holding a drink. Only, Prince Harry was not in one of the places required to remove the mask.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex: the NFL has tightened the rules for the Super Bowl

For the Super Bowl, the NFL has tightened the rules imposed by Los Angeles. The NFL had notably indicated an “obligation to wear a mask inside the stadium for anyone over the age of two, regardless of their vaccination status”. This rule therefore applies to everyone unless the person is actively eating or drinking.

Besides this not very discreet breach of the law in Los Angeles by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, the royal was in very good spirits during this event. Moreover, the husband of Meghan Markle would have visited the Los Angeles Rams in the locker room to congratulate them. Recall that the brother of Prince William, 39, watched the match of his new local team in the stands next to his cousin, Princess Eugenie of York.

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