A major deal. Good news for the company founded by Prince Harry in 2019, Travalyst, which has just signed a partnership with the giant of Silicon Valley, Google. After contracts with Spotify or Netflix, Prince Harry continues his conquest of the business world at high speed. Travalyst was developed by the Duke of Sussex to enable tourists who so wish to make more responsible travel choices. Despite a recent fraud investigation, the company enjoys a green image that can only be beneficial for Google. The head of sustainable development at Google, Kate Brandt, hopes to continue “to meet the challenge of climate change”.

With this agreement, GAFA could thus promote “the creation of tools and technologies that enable travelers and businesses around the world to prioritize sustainability”. Values ​​which, according to the Sun, stick to those of Travalyst as explained by the CEO of the company, Sally Davey. “Google’s approach to travel is strongly aligned with Travalyst’s collaborative principles.” In the words of Prince Harry, the name of the company is a mixture of the English words “travel” and “catalyst”, or “voyage” and “catalyst”. When he had the idea to create it, the Duke of Sussex explained that it came from the fact that he would like “to see their role in sustainable tourism as a catalyst to accelerate positive changes in the tourism environment”.

Prince Harry more committed than ever

Thanks to its deal with Google, Travalyst could gain visibility and allow more people wishing to travel to do so in a more thoughtful way. How exactly? The company aims to guide tourists to choose less polluting options, particularly in terms of carbon emissions, for getting around, but also to favor destinations from which local communities can benefit from tourism. More than laudable objectives which have already convinced other companies like Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Visa and Skyscanner to collaborate with the company founded by Prince Harry. With the arrival of Google, Travalyst is on track to be able to realize its plan to “unite some of the biggest tourist platforms” around a common value: ecology.

Prince Harry © Backgrid UK

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