In The Substitute, Prince Harry says Meghan Markle bought a plane ticket for her father to join her in Britain
But it looks like the Duke of Sussex lied
Indeed, the airline reveals that it does not operate flights between Mexico and Great Britain

Is Prince Harry lying to the world? Indeed, for many months now, the Duke of Sussex has not hesitated to swing many files on the British royal family. Through the Netflix series Harry & Meghan and her memoirs, Meghan Markle’s husband rocks everything. Through The Substitute, Prince Harry reveals that his wife did not hesitate to do everything to find a peaceful relationship with her father, Thomas Markle. She would have even paid a flight to her father so that he comes to England. “We told him: ‘Leave Mexico now, a whole new level of harassment is about to befall you, so come to Britain. Now,'” Prince Harry wrote in his book, while specifying that it was an “Air New Zealand, first class, booked and paid for by Meg” ticket.

Introducing #SussexClass Apparently coming soon

— Air New Zealand ✈️ (@FlyAirNZ) January 12, 2023

But this information would be false. Indeed, the airline in question revealed that it does not provide flights between Mexico and England. It also specifies that its high-end services are called “Business Premier” and not first class. “Here comes the #SussexClass, apparently coming soon,” Air New Zealand quipped on Facebook and Twitter. Oops, did Prince Harry lie? However, relations between Thomas Markle and Meghan Markle are not looking good.

The strained relationship between Meghan Markle and her father

In the series Harry & Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry explains: “My father used a lot of emojis, ellipses and ellipses. And there, the messages were the opposite of that. And he told me called Meghan. I was like, ‘He’s never called me Meghan once in my life.’ Meg, all my friends call me Meg, and my parents call me Meg, and I thought ‘He’s not my dad. So we knew someone was answering for him,’ she said. Words that annoyed Thomas Markle. “I wrote down every word I sent from that phone, which I still own. His theory that someone was writing for me is just plain wrong. I wrote that message lying on my hospital bed after suffering two heart attacks,” he explained.

Prince Harry lying? His story about Meghan's father cut to pieces with an unstoppable argument

Prince Harry © JLPPA

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