Prince Harry’s memoir released on January 10
The prince evokes a multitude of very intimate moments of his life
He returns in particular to an unfortunate episode involving his penis

Some people find it hard to share how they feel. And then there’s Prince Harry, who unpacks his private life in full transparency in his memoir, Spare, published on Tuesday. From the death of his mother, Diana, to his complicated relationship with his brother, William, to his occasional use of drugs and alcohol, Harry spares no subject. Really none. In his memoirs, the youngest of William relates in particular this time when he found himself with frostbite on the sex. An episode that dates back to 2011, following a grueling 320 kilometer charity walk in the Arctic. “My penis oscillated between extremely sensitive and almost traumatized”, says the prince before adding: “Engeluristan was the last place where I wanted to find myself”.

A misadventure that prompted the latter to consult, as the symptoms were bothersome. “Everything is difficult,” Harry recalls. “Sit. Walk. Sex (…) was out of the question. Worse, paradoxically, my dick always seemed to me to be at attention. Or ready to go. I could not any more”. And the anecdote took an even more surprising turn when Prince Harry mixed the name of his mother, Diana, with this dark story.

(Page 262) “I went to the North Pole and now my South Pole is kaput” Prince Harry is ready for the Theater des Deux-Ânes

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Prince Harry: this memory of his mother resurfaced at the most absurd moment

While he was bothered by the pain, the latter got wind of a remedy that had the effect of a Madeleine by Proust. “I was trying good woman’s remedies, including one that a friend had recommended to me: Elizabeth Arden cream,” says Meghan Markle’s husband before transcribing his exchange with the latter. lips. Do you want me to put some on your dick?” he asks said friend. “Harry, I assure you it works,” she replies. And it was there, in that lunar moment, that the memory of his mother resurfaced. “I found a tube of it and as soon as I opened it, its scent took me back in time. It was as if my mother was there, with me, in the room”, confides the prince before leaving add: “I took a dab of it and applied it… downstairs.” Information that the public was not sure they wanted to know, but which is now available to the whole world.

Prince Harry: “it's as if…”, his extremely disturbing revelations about his penis… and Lady Di

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