The memoirs of Prince Harry are a concentrate of revelations.
The Duke of Sussex recounts his loves and escapades of youth.
Because of a bad trip, Prince Harry was also confronted with a talking trash can.

Prince Harry’s new memoir is due out next week in the UK. Big surprise, on January 5, 2023, 5 days before the official release, copies of Spare are on sale in bookstores in Spain. As one might expect, the Duke of Sussex’s autobiography is a compendium of startling revelations. Prince Harry, 38, reveals himself with an open heart in his new book. The husband of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, 41, returns without complex on his escapades of youth. We can only revel in his confessions about his deviations, in particular his anecdotes with drugs, including taking cocaine “a few times”.

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Prince Harry remembers that time he hallucinated during a bad trip. Prince William’s 17-year-old brother had eaten chocolate mushrooms with a few friends, reports the Daily Mail. The Duke of Sussex and his friends reportedly found the box of mushroom chocolates in a fridge. In his memoir, Prince Harry reveals he downed the chocolates with tequila. Some time later, he experiences a terrifying hallucination in the bathroom.

Prince Harry: the toilet bin “smiled” at the Duke of Sussex

“Next to the toilet was a round silver trash can, the kind with a pedal to open the lid. I looked at the trash can. She stared back at me. Then it became… a head,” says the husband of Meghan Markle in his book, reports The Sun. The youngest son of Charles III then pressed the pedal and the head opened its mouth, displaying “a huge smug smile”. Prince Harry’s hallucination continues and seems to extend to other elements of the restroom.

“I laughed, I rolled over, I pissed. Now the toilet has become a head too. The bowl was his gaping maw, the hinges of the seat were his piercing silver eyes. He was saying ‘Aaah,'” describes Prince Harry with precision. Other stories like losing his virginity in a field outside a bar with a middle-aged woman are also elaborately depicted in Harry’s memoir.

Prince Harry in the west: the day a trash can started talking to him

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