Prince Harry in freewheeling: he makes barely believable statements about his family

He no longer wishes to be silent … A few weeks after giving an interview to Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry made many confidences about his childhood, his life in California and his desire to protect his children in the Armchair Expert podcast. At the microphone of Dax Shepard, Prince William’s brother described royal life as “a mix between the Truman Show and being in a zoo”. As he left the UK in order to escape media pressure, Prince Harry explained: “Just because I’m a famous person I can’t go out. It’s really really sad and the argument of the paparazzi and everyone else is that if you are in a public space, it is perfectly fine to do so. So what is our human right, as an individual and as a family, if you say from the moment we leave our house the hunt is on and the game is free – what, in the name of the public interest? There is no public interest in taking your kids for a walk on the beach. Nothing, it’s not information. That’s my problem with that, the information should remain information. “

Claiming that her father, Prince Charles, had given her a cycle of genetic pain and suffering, Meghan Markle’s husband explained that he had wanted to leave royal life since his early twenties, because of what it had made to his mother. “It’s a lot of genetic pain and suffering that is passed on anyway … So we parents should do whatever we can to try and say, ‘You know what? This happened to me, I will make sure that does not happen to you ‘”, he assured. Finally, Prince Harry added: “I never saw it, I never knew anything about it, and then all of a sudden I started to piece it together and say, ‘Okay, this is where it is. ‘he went to school, that’s what happened, I know that from his life, I know it’s related to his parents, which means he called me the way he was treated, so how can I change that for my own children? ‘ And here I am, I moved my whole family to the United States, it wasn’t planning, but sometimes you have to make decisions and put your family and your sanity first. “

Prince Harry wishes to have a normal life

While his wife will give birth to their baby girl this summer, Prince Harry is happy to be living under the Californian sun. He thus assured during this interview: “By living here now, I can really lift my head and in fact, I feel different, my shoulders have fallen, hers too (those of Meghan Markle, editor’s note), you can ride around feeling a little more free. I can take Archie on the back of my bike. I never had the chance to do that. “

Prince Harry © Backgrid USA

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