Prince Harry: how he smothered his old demons to create a new character

Prince Harry would have created a new character on purpose according to Thomas Mace-Archer Mills, founder of the British Monarchists Society. According to this royal expert, it would be an attempt by the Duke of Sussex to distance himself from his past life. Prince Harry being known for his blunders and cheeky lines in the past. It was to the Daily Star that Thomas Mace-Archer Mills had told that “The Duke of Sussex chose to ignore and forget his blunders by burying them under layers of political correctness and wok padding in the hope that his newly created character keeps him away from any wrongdoing or offense he has caused when his blunders were knowingly made. “

Thomas Mace-Archer Mills also adds that Prince Harry was no longer funny. The expert confides that the Duke of Sussex is not adept at using humor in his favor like his grandfather did. “Not only have times changed, but so has Prince Harry,” according to Mace-Archer Mills.

“Prince Philip’s death marks the end of the great Windsor blunders”

On the death of Prince Philip, Prince Harry paid tribute to him. The Duke of Sussex then said he was “the master of barbecue, the legend of banter, and cheeky to the end”. According to Mace-Archer Mills, the death of the Duke of Edinburgh marked the end of the great blunders of Windsor. “If there were any aspirations on Harry’s part to be the heir to Philip’s ‘banter legend’, then those aspirations are sadly misinterpreted, misunderstood and misdirected – a failure,” Mace-Archer says. Mills.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the United States, the Duke of Sussex tried negative reactions. The Americans reacted negatively after he declared the First Amendment “crazy”.


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