In January 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to slam the door of the Firm, announcing to give up their royal duties in a statement that stirred the chronicle. The tensions within the royal family of England would then have reached a climax. But on the media side, the break was dubbed “Megxit”, in reference to Meghan Markle described as “difficult” by some sources close to the monarchy. In the eyes of his detractors, the ex-actress would have pushed her husband to throw in the towel and forced to take refuge across the Atlantic at his side.

An image of an uncompromising Duchess who goes hand in hand with that of Prince Harry unable to think for himself. For this one, the term is even “misogynist.” In any case, this is what he said during the RE: WIRED virtual summit of Wired magazine, this Tuesday, November 9. “The term Megxit is a misogynistic term that was coined by a troll, amplified by correspondents around the world, and it grew and developed into mainstream media. But it started with a troll,” said the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry in eternal conflict with the press

Enough to amplify his contempt for the media. “Disinformation is a global humanitarian crisis,” he continued. “I learned from a young age that the incentives for publishing don’t necessarily align with the incentives for truth.” An aversion that took root in him following the death of his mother, Lady Diana. Prince Harry adds: “I know the story too well. I lost my mother because of this self-made rage, and obviously I am determined not to lose the mother of my children because of the same. . “

Prince Harry © Agency

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