On the occasion of the release of his memoirs, Prince Harry continues the interviews.
The Duke of Sussex spoke about the series The Crown, broadcast on Netflix.
Meghan Markle’s husband confessed to having watched all seasons.

The Crown is a television series broadcast since November 4, 2016 on Netflix. This traces the life of Queen Elizabeth II, from her youngest age to her reign. Over the episodes, new characters have appeared, including Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana. This has been at the heart of many controversies and is not very popular with members of the royal family. However, these are very different remarks that Prince Harry made on January 11. On the occasion of the release of his memoirs, the Duke of Sussex chained the interviews. Faced with Stephen Colbert of the Late Show, he did not hesitate to mention the Netflix series. “Yes, I watch it,” he said first before adding: “I check the veracity of the facts and that is also the reason why it is so important that the story is told in a way correct”. Determined to learn more, Stephen Colbert then asks him if he watches “recent seasons or old ones”. What the principal concerned indicated: “Both”. The first evoked the youth of Elizabeth II, her marriage to Prince Philip and then, it was that of Prince Charles who was put forward. His meeting with Lady Diana but also the birth of his two children, William and Harry. A fiction that fascinates viewers but also Prince Harry.

This is not the first time that the husband of Meghan Markle evokes the series The Crown. If this one does not interest the Windsors, it seems that the Duke of Sussex wants to pay attention to it. In February 2021, prince Harry confided in the face of James Corden and he had mentioned the fiction of Netflix. “It’s fictional, but it’s loosely based on the truth,” he first admitted. He then said: “Of course, it’s not strictly accurate, but it gives a rough idea of ​​this lifestyle, the pressure of this duty and this service that comes before family and all the rest”. In the documentary unveiled last December, the Duke of Sussex explained that the pressure of the English tabloids had pushed him to move away from the royal family. Words he had already made against James Corden. “I’m much more comfortable with The Crown talking about us in the spirit of fiction, rather than the stories I read about Meghan and me,” he said. If The Crown is a fiction, it aims to tell the story of the royal family. Facts adapted for television, which Prince Harry does not hesitate to check when he watches the episodes.

The Crown: which members of the royal family have watched the series?

The series The Crown intrigues viewers but also the royal family. Indeed, Prince Harry is not the only one to have watched all the seasons or only a few episodes. In an October 2022 article, Town and Country magazine revealed which other members watched it. There would be Camilla Parker Bowles, Princess Eugenie, who publicly confessed her engagement in 2018, Princess Anne, Sarah Ferguson, Arthur Chatto, Princess Margaret’s grandson. A fiction based on the history of the royal family, which seems to interest many members.

Prince Harry: his very unexpected confession about the series The Crown

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