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Prince Harry: his very harsh words on the Covid-19 pandemic

The future of the environment and the fight for the climate are very important causes for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. The royal couple have already made their community aware of environmental issues, including the carbon footprint, or participated in campaigns against climate change. This time, it was Prince Harry alone who spoke, in a video on the occasion of the launch of WaterBear Network, a free platform for broadcasting documentaries on the planet and ecology.

This Tuesday, December 1, the Duke of Sussex spoke, and spoke in particular about the Coronavirus epidemic which has been raging around the world for a year now. “At the end of the day, nature is our source of life,” he explained, reports The New York Post. Then, he added that according to him the pandemic is the retribution of our ecological behavior, and that the world must wake up and realize this awareness.

An awareness to have

In a discussion with Ellen Windemuth, President of WaterBear Network and Chief Strategy Officer Sam Sataria, Prince Harry confided in another: “Someone told me at the start of the pandemic, it’s almost like Mother Nature sent us back to our bedrooms for our bad behavior, so we could take a real moment to think about what we did. ” Then, the 36-year-old father went on to crack down on humanity for taking planet Earth’s natural resources for granted. “[The pandemic] certainly reminded me of how interconnected we are all, not just as a person but through nature,” he said, before concluding: “We take so much from him and we take him away. rarely give back. “

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