Prince Harry publishes his memoirs in a few days
In his memoirs, Prince Harry opens up about the death of Elizabeth II
Prince Harry confirms two rumors

Like other members of the British royal family, Prince Harry will never be able to forget September 8, 2022. On that day, his beloved grandmother, Elizabeth II, died at Balmoral. Present in the United Kingdom with Meghan Markle, the Duke of Sussex rushed to the Scottish residence of Her Majesty with the members of the Crown. But unlike King Charles III or Prince William, he did not learn of the death of Elizabeth II through official channels… but on the internet. In his forthcoming memoir, Spare, he indeed recounts the moment he was made aware of his grandmother’s death. Aware that she was living her last moments, he took a plane quickly.

During the flight, Meghan Markle’s husband spent long minutes reliving the last moments he spoke to his grandmother. But it was only when he landed that Prince Harry learned of Elizabeth II’s death by visiting the BBC website. In Spare, he also explains that he was welcomed to Balmoral by his aunt, Princess Anne. “I stayed in the same place without moving, looking at her for a long time, I regained my strength and continued to move forward,” he describes, as reported by The Sun. And to tell what he did when he joined the remains of Elizabeth II: “I whispered to her that I hoped she was happy and that she was with grandfather. I told her that I admired him for carrying out his duties to the end… even during the Jubilee, welcoming the new Prime Minister”.

Meghan Markle banned from coming to Balmoral by King Charles III?

In his explosive memoir, Prince Harry also claims his father forbade him from bringing Meghan Markle to Balmoral. “My father called back. He told me I was welcome at Balmoral, but… without her, writes the Duke of Sussex. He began to explain his reasons, but they made no sense, and it was also disrespectful. I didn’t tolerate it on his part. Repentant, he told me in a stammer, that he just didn’t want the place to be full of people. No women came, no even Kate, he told me, so neither should Meg.” That day, Kate Middleton had indeed stayed in London with her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, who had just returned to school.

Prince Harry: his two sensational confirmations of the death of Elizabeth II

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