A disturbing work. In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their intention to leave the royal family. They have chained the secrets and revelations since, especially during the interview with Oprah Winfrey. The Duke of Sussex dropped another bombshell when he announced his intention to publish his memoir. According to Richard Kay, a royal expert, these could upset the royal family. “Prince Charles is afraid that the book will be published when he takes the throne,” he explained in The Mirror columns on Monday, December 27. He then assured that the “difficulty for Prince Charles is that every time Prince Harry opens his mouth, he undermines his father’s credibility … It greatly affects their relationship,” he said. he continued. Regarding the content of the memoirs, the expert said: “We know that he spent some time deepening his mother’s relationship with his father. The royal family must fear the publication of this book and what it may mean “. The reason ? “We are getting closer to the fact that Prince Charles is going to become monarch and every time these embarrassing situations resurface it reminds the British of why having Prince Charles as king is not a good idea,” he said. Richard Kay concluded.

Important confidences. When he announced his intention to publish his memoirs, Prince Harry put forward the fact that he wanted to evoke the “many caps that I have been able to wear over the years” and in particular that of young Harry who lost his mom, Lady Diana. “This is a subject that Prince Charles would like to avoid seeing spread in the press,” said Richard kay first. “He has done his best during the last 15/20 years to avoid it and focus on his future but he has encountered difficulties,” he said before adding: “People have never forgotten or forgiven the years Diana and Harry constantly reminds them of the fact that it was a very complicated time for Prince Charles “. Comments already made by Angela Levin, royal author, last July. “A knowledgeable source told me that Harry’s memoirs would focus heavily on the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and the people who caused it,” she explained. “It was a terrible tragedy, but it’s sad that he could not move forward,” she concluded. There is no doubt that these memories will make people talk a lot.

Memoirs of Prince Harry: what does the royal family think?

While they have yet to be published, Prince Harry’s memoirs are already causing a stir. The revelations have followed a chain and it seems that the royal family does not agree with them. “He thinks Prince Harry is strangely determined to harm his family,” a source close to The Mirror told Prince Charles. What about Elizabeth II? “She found Prince Harry’s decision deeply disrespectful,” her entourage told the Daily Mail. In addition, the Duke of Sussex’s memoirs are expected to be published in 2022, the Queen of England’s jubilee year. There is no doubt that this publication will create a lively controversy.

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