Memories that worry more than one … After signing agreements with Spotify and Netflix, Prince Harry signed an agreement with a publishing house for the publication of several books. While the latter are already frowned upon by the British royal family, the former military friends of Prince William’s brother fear he will reveal stories that would embarrass them, dating from their years at Eton College and at the Sandhurst Military Academy. In an interview with The Mirror, a former friend of Prince Harry said: “It sounds very hypocritical given that Harry has kicked people out of his friendship group for speaking to the press. There is a fear that he reveals details of his youth, which some fear will wreak havoc on their careers and personal lives. “

Angry at the news, an old friend of Archie and Lilibet’s father said, “Harry’s pals have been loyal to him … until now.” A source also added about it: “If Harry slams any of his old buddies in his new book, they are committed to breaking the silence to tell their story.” And for good reason, Prince Harry, who has had a sulphurous past, said he would recount in his memoirs “experiences, adventures, losses and lessons of life.” Over the past few years, Prince Harry has drifted away from his closest friends. During his marriage to Meghan Markle, he had excluded some of his friends from the guest list in order to invite new prestigious friends such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney.

A contract worth more than 25 million pounds

According to relatives of Prince Harry, his memories will be only “the tip of the iceberg.” For his last, the grandson of Elizabeth II had asked the publishing houses for a sum of more than 25 million pounds. For the Daily Mail, a source assured: “It could reach 35-40 million pounds. His interlocutors were very shocked by his approach. He looked at them coldly and demanded 25 million pounds.”

Prince Harry © Backgrid USA

Prince Harry © Backgrid USA
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