“The alleged crook is presumably in his thirties, red-haired and wears a matching beard,” reads the Middlewich Police statement. She even specifies that one of the crooks has “the appearance of Prince Harry”. Prince Harry lookalike works with another scammer to scam people in their home. According to what is reported by CheshireLive “the crooks were hosing down part of the occupants’ driveway before knocking on the door and urging them to pay the exorbitant price”.

This criminal activity has nothing to do with Prince Harry himself, it’s just that one of the drivers looks a lot like him. Middlewich Police have reported an individual driving a white Ford Transit with an Irish license plate. The other individual, the one who looks like Prince Harry, drives a white Toyota. His vehicle has a British license plate and is fitted with ladders on the roof. According to the police, “these individuals seem to have worked in tandem”.

“Jet wash part of the driveway without asking the opinion of the occupants of the house”

The modus operandi of these crooks is quite simple, they force their victims to pay for unauthorized aisle cleaning. The fake cleaners spray part of the driveway with water before knocking on the occupant’s door. They show the quality of the cleaning, then force the hand of the occupant to accept the cleaning of the rest of the aisle. Finally, the crooks charge an exorbitant price for the work.

The police have launched the alert so that anyone who has seen the false artisans call 101. They also urge residents to be careful vis-à-vis this type of maneuver. The police advise residents not to get involved and to warn them if people offer them unsolicited services.

Prince Harry © AGENCY

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