If you haven’t seen much of Meghan and Harry on screen during the various events organized for Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee last week, nothing out of the ordinary. The son of Prince Charles would complain that he was not entitled to the place that should have been reserved for him in the company of his wife. The couple did not attend the Jubilee celebrations or the Epsom horse race during this high point in the life of the British crown. A sidelining that still makes a lot of ink flow at this hour. Something tells us there’s a storm in the air…

Interviewed by True Royalty TV, Vanity Fair journalist Katie Nicholl justified the absence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in these terms: “They had no central place. “An argument supported by historian Hugo Vickers, also present at his side: “Harry gave up being captain of the Royal Marines, who were numerous. I think he must have gone home feeling very depressed about what he gave up. Biographer Angela Levin (author of Harry, Conversations with the Prince, 2018) says Lady Di’s son is “waiting for an apology”.

Prince Harry reportedly ‘largely ignored’ during Jubilee

No doubt according to biographer Angela Levin who published a sensational portrait of Harry in Newsweek in 2017: the prince would have been “largely ignored” during the Jubilee, even if he is “the one who should apologize”. Also he should not see with a good eye his uncle, Prince Andrew, attending a Mass of the Order of the Garter, organized this Monday, June 11, while the Jeffrey Epstein scandal splashed his name ago. little. What should we retain from this Jubilee? Response by Katie Nicholl: “If we had to keep an image of this weekend, it would be [that of the Queen and her three heirs on the balcony of Buckingham Palace]. ” It is said !



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