November 11 marks Armistice Day across Europe and Commonwealth countries
Prince Harry wrote, for this occasion, to the children of the association Scotty’s Little Soldiers
The Duke of Sussex shares a painful commonality with them

Since the end of the First World War, the day of November 11 marks, throughout Europe and in the countries of the Commonwealth, a day of remembrance for all the sacrifices made on the battlefields and elsewhere. Known as Remembrance Day in the UK, the day was an opportunity for Prince Harry to share a piece of his more private life regarding the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Because if the First World War ended more than a century ago, wars continue everywhere in the world, always multiplying the orphans. This is why the Duke of Sussex unveiled, on November 13, the letter he wrote to the young people of the Scotty’s Little Soldiers association, whose members are all children who have lost someone close to their family. in combat.

If it was not on a battlefield that Princess Diana died, the grief and pain felt by her children Princes William and Harry following her fatal car accident one evening in August 1997 is just as painful. On the fateful day, Lady Di was indeed trying to escape a very particular enemy: the paparazzi who were trying to take her picture with her companion at the time, also dead in the car accident, Dodi Al-Fayed. Sharing the sad commonality of having lost a parent, Prince Harry therefore wanted to remind these children that they are “not alone”, adding: “We are linked without even having met because we share the pain of “losing a parent. I know all too well the pain and grief caused by the death of a loved one and I want you to know that you are not alone.”

Prince Harry: ‘Some days are harder than others’

Lilibet and Archie’s father, who has been linked to the Scotty’s Little Soldiers association for several years and to which he continues to give his support, also called on the children to support each other, to seek help when they feel the need and to “rely on their friends in the association”. In his letter, Prince Harry explains that he managed to manage the death of his mother “through community and dialogue”. As he points out, “we all know that some days are harder than others, but together those days can be a little more manageable.” In addition to the grief shared by the loss of a loved one, Prince Harry also wanted to pay tribute to all the women and men who sacrificed themselves for their country, and to all their children who continue to support them in through them.

Prince Harry: far from the royal family, his heartbreaking letter evoking the mourning of his mother Diana

Prince Harry © JLPPA

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