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Prince Harry breaks silence on criticism of his relationship

Married soon to Meghan Markle and daddy of a little boy, Prince Harry is a happy man. If Prince William’s little brother is usually discreet about his private life, it was during an interview with Fast Company that he explained why stepping away from social networks had been the best thing to do. ‘he had done in order to protect his family. Referring first to the disinformation on the Internet, Prince Harry explained in referring to the attack on the Capitol: “We have seen what happens in the real world when you are not paying attention to the disinformation. There has been a real real world. attack on democracy in the United States, organized on social networks, by violent extremism. “

While his relationship with Meghan Markle has come under multiple criticism, Prince Harry revealed: “I was very surprised to see how my story was told in a certain way, how my wife’s was told in a way (…). This false narrative has become the heart of all this harassment. It would never have happened if from the start our story had been told honestly. ” Wishing to take the positive from the situation, the Duke of Sussex added: “It has brought us to hear from so many other people around the world. We have given a lot of thought to those in much more vulnerable positions than us, and how much there is a need for real empathy and support. On their own scale, each has been deeply affected by the current consequences of the digital space. It could be as individual as seeing a loved one become involved on the road to radicalization, or as collective as seeing science denied. “

Prince Harry turns his back on social media

As the couple made the decision to withdraw from social media, The Sunday Times said a few days ago: “A source close to the couple said they had ‘no plans’ to use social media for their new Archewell Foundation and that it was ‘highly unlikely’ that they would return to the platforms in their personal capacity. “

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