It was almost the last link between princes Harry and William… On bad terms since the Duke of Sussex left the monarchy and the United Kingdom, the sons of prince Charles still had a business in common. But it should stop soon. Formed in 2012 to donate royalty profits to charity, their company Tyrolese (743) Limited is near bankruptcy. According to the Mirror, cash has melted in recent months, dropping from 410,000 pounds (nearly 490,000 euros) to … 4,469 pounds (5,300 euros) today. The two brothers don’t really have a choice: they have to close it. “The directors anticipate that the activities of the entity will decline over the next 12 months until it becomes inactive,” read an official statement from the accounts.

“As long as the business continues to generate revenue, the directors will donate available profits to relevant charities. When the revenue ceases, the directors will consider mothballing the company,” it says. The company was established on October 25, 2012, with two directors, Miguel Head and Anthony Lowther Pinkerton, who were royal aides at the time. Others then took their places: Guy Monson, who was a member of the Diana statue committee, and Leslie Ferrar, ex-treasurer of Prince Charles. But it is indeed Princes Harry and William who manage it through their private companies, William’s APL Anglesey Ltd and Harry’s London Tsessebe Ltd. The brothers each own 50% of this company.

Prince Harry: this explosive book he is preparing

Note that the directors do not really plan to liquidate the company because of its “strategic role” for shareholders. A good way for the two brothers to keep a bond, even tenuous. Unless Prince Harry puts an end to their relationship by soon publishing his memoirs. It must be said that the Duke of Sussex intends to use the freedom he enjoys today to write an explosive book. According to a friend of the Duke of Sussex, this work in preparation should “shake the monarchy to the core” since he intends to attack Camilla Parker Bowles in particular: “The agreement with the publishing house on his memoirs states that he should include personal details about personal and family arrangements.And it will be a very intimate insight into his feelings about his family and what happened in the relationship breakdown.If they think that he has mellowed, then they are mistaken”.

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