Prince Harry opened up about his relationship with Prince William on CBS.
He explained that his brother decided to ignore him when he arrived at Eton College.
The Duke of Sussex had been injured and took it personally.

Ahead of the release of his memoir, Prince Harry agreed to give two exclusive interviews to ITV and CBS media. During his interview with American journalist Anderson Cooper, the Duke of Sussex wanted to discuss his relationship with Prince William. “My brother and I love each other. I love him deeply,” he confessed before confiding in their differences for several years and going back to their childhood.

Indeed, the husband of Meghan Markle remembered a particularly hurtful moment, which occurred in 1998, when he entered Eton College. At that time, the young boy who had just lost his mother, was very happy to find his big brother. The latter, however, had immediately stopped his enthusiasm. “Your brother told you: ‘Act as if we don’t know each other'” revealed the journalist, with confirmation from Prince Harry.

Prince Harry: ‘I took it personally’

For Prince Harry, Prince William’s attitude was not understandable. “At the time, it hurt. I couldn’t understand. I was like, ‘We are now in the same school (…) I haven’t seen you for ages, now we can spending time together,'” he explained. A request rejected by the heir to the British crown who had told him that they had to remain strangers at school. “I took it personally,” he recalled.

Now that he has become a father, Prince Harry sees things differently. In his interview for ITV, he also returned to this event, explaining that he now understood the situation by observing Archie and Lilibet. “I understand how irritating the younger brother can be to the older brother. But at the time, at the time, I didn’t really understand that, I didn’t really realize it,” he said. he concluded.

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