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Prince Harry: according to a specialist, it was Meghan Markle who opened his eyes to the bad behavior of his brother, William

Throughout her life, Princess Diana never differentiated between her two sons. Although she knew full well that her eldest son Prince William would one day ascend the throne of the royal family, she never sought to treat her youngest son Prince Harry any differently. And yet, despite the efforts of their mother, it must be said that the two were not really treated the same by the press and the media.

This preferential treatment, it is Meghan Markle who would have pointed it out to her husband Prince Harry, as the royalty expert Robert Lacey explains in an interview with Vanity Fair. “Princes Harry and William both behaved badly but Harry was blamed for everything. He started to get bitter with all of these clichés and stereotypes read in the press and the media,” the writer explained.

A crucial arrival

The American actress would have pointed out this injustice to her husband, when she arrived in the royal family, in 2016. “I think Meghan helped her see this injustice, put words on it, and she was insurgent. His arrival in the family came at a crucial time, “added Robert Lacey in the columns of the magazine. During his interview, the writer also claimed that Prince William would have inherited a character trait from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. A point in common that should not please Prince Harry precisely …

Princes Harry and William © © WPA rota / KCS PRESSE

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