The Duke and Duchess of Sussex retired from royal service last year to live in Santa Barbara. Since then, Prince Harry has given a series of explosive interviews. A close friend of the Duke of Sussex has told The Sunday Times about his fear of going down the hierarchy of the royal family. “Harry has always been in such a rush to have an ‘impact’, because he thinks he has a finite shelf life before audiences want to hear more about George and his siblings and he’s worried that after that, he does not become her uncle, “he told the Sunday Times.

An assertion that follows Prince Harry’s announcement to want to make his memories at only 36 years old. Recently it was revealed that he has made a deal to write 4 books. The second to be published only after the death of the queen. Although on their side, Harry’s lawyers have denied this claim and called it “false and defamatory”.

“The tip of the iceberg”

Regarding these briefs, industry insiders have confided that the “revelation” tome unveiled earlier this week is just the tip of the iceberg. Some Daily Mail sources claim that the Duke of Sussex himself oversaw the auction. He would have done them with the publishing houses starting with 18 million pounds.

Buckingham Palace is also said to be concerned about the prince’s decision to collaborate with JR Moehringer. This Pulitzer-winning ghost writer. The two have been secretly working on the book for almost a year now.


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