Not even released and already explosive. This Tuesday, January 10, Prince Harry will publish his memoirs in a book entitled “Spare” (“The Substitute”). A work of which several extracts have already leaked in the press and in which the son of King Charles III evokes many details about his private life, even if it means offending some people. Meghan Markle’s husband mentions in particular his old love stories and in particular that with Caroline Flack in 2009. But this was not to the taste of those close to the young woman who died in 2020, and in particular her former manager.

This Saturday, January 7, Alex Mullen took to his Instagram account to express his anger after discovering passages where Prince Harry talks about his relationship with Caroline Flack. In his memoirs, the Duke of Sussex recalled that his former girlfriend was called a “little bully” by the press, because of his criminal record. She was notably accused of acts of violence against her boyfriend. “It’s sickening for Prince Harry to reveal such details about Caroline Flack. He’s brought up some old, long-forgotten insults,” said Alex Mullen, who blames Harry for making money off these hurtful details: “Prince Harry’s decision to recall all the terrible things said about him to help sell his appalling book is grotesque.”

Caroline Flack tragically passed away in 2020

Flagship host of the British version of Love Island, Caroline Flack ended her life by hanging on February 15, 2020 in her apartment in London. If her television career was a hit, it was her indictment in December 2019 for assaulting her companion, former tennis player Lewis Burton who had particularly weakened her. While his trial was to open on March 4, 2020, Caroline Flack was no longer allowed to see the latter. Lewis Burton, however, did not fail to pay a poignant tribute after his death.

Prince Harry: a relative of Caroline Flack, his ex who died tragically, disgusted by what he wrote about her

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