Prince Harry: a look back at his physical evolution

As a child, Prince Harry was blond as wheat, like his brother William (and yes, he was not red in his childhood). Always dressed as a model little boy, he often went with his big brother because Prince Charles and Princess Diana liked to dress them the same way. Which was very cute, we must admit! It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he sported his famous red hair, and began to dress like young people his age. Even if in English schools, it is the uniform that is required, outside: Dirty Harry (as the English press called him) is starting to assert itself in style.

Harry is a big fan of uniforms, since after the English schools and their famous uniforms, he left for the army. He became a helicopter pilot and wore fatigues like everyone else. Then, he cut his hair flush, and built himself a silhouette of a solid fellow, he who tended to be slender … Sportsman (he is a fan of polo) he was able to improve his build, and for his marriage he wore his favorite uniform, that of the Blues and Royal, which is the English cavalry. On the sex appeal side, Harry has especially revealed himself in recent years, becoming THE sexy boy of the English monarchy …

Where does his red beard come from?

Prince Harry has been wearing a beard for a few years! Cut closely (we are far from children’s tales) he refuses to part with it. In fact, William’s brother adopted the beard for the first time in 2013, only he was forced to shave it because he was in the army … But at the end of his military engagement, he decided to let it grow again, earning it the nickname Prince Hairy (hairy prince). A beard he kept for his marriage to Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry © Backgrid UK

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