It’s no secret that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 39, has always been passionate about football. A passion that he visibly transmitted to his son, Prince George of Cambridge, 8 years old. Recall that Prince George made the buzz when he attended a Euro 2020 match with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, Prince George of Cambridge is not just a spectator. Indeed, the son of Kate Middleton, 40 years old, is also a footballer. Although it is quite often forgotten, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is also a father who willingly brings his son to football training. During the weekends, the Duke of Cambridge also attends the matches of the brother of Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3.

Moreover, the father of a child from the opposing team did not fail to take photos of the match. After asking permission, he posted them on his Instagram account. Although his account is private, the photos quickly leaked on social networks. One such photo shows 8-year-old Prince George of Cambridge running around the pitch. Another photo shows Prince William posing with the opposing team.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is an avid Aston Villa supporter

Note that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is the President of the English Football Federation. Also, albeit in a personal capacity, the husband of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a die-hard Aston Villa supporter. It should also be remembered that last July 2021, the Cambridges attended several Euro 2020 matches. The appearance of Prince George was, moreover, one of the most significant facts of this event.

This Euro has witnessed the passion of Prince George of Cambridge for football. In his elegant costume, this young prince of 8 years already showed an attitude and the look of a great. Supporter of the England team, unsurprisingly, Prince George could not contain his joy when the English scored.

Prince George of Cambridge © Instagram

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