It has become a tradition for Kate Middleton to post photos of her eldest son since his sixth birthday in 2019. Although it was recently suspected that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would remove their son from the limelight, there are was entitled to an official photo. July 22 is a special day for the firstborn of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It is the day of his birth and to anticipate this festive day, “an official photo of their son in advance to commemorate the occasion”.

Prince George’s photo was shared by his mother on the Cambridge official Instagram account. Prince George can be seen smiling broadly in casual attire, unlike his Euro 2020 football match costume. In this photo taken earlier this month in Norfolk, the very young prince is dressed in a polo shirt. navy blue background and orange stripes. In this photo taken by his mother, Prince George sits on the hood of a Land Rover, as if to pay tribute to the late Prince Philip.

“The portraits of the third in line to the throne have been a hit with fans over the years.”

The Duchess of Cambridge loves to take pictures and that’s good news because fans are fond of them. On this day of celebration, fans of Prince George in particular are impatient to see more shots. Anyone can still speculate on how this party will unfold while they wait for more photos to be released. The Duchess of Cambridge will not fail to do so even though she recently said her children are not too fond of being photographed.

Indeed, if she has a certain passion for photography, this would not be the case for these 3 children. Speaking of which, she said: “Everyone says, ‘Mom, stop taking pictures'”.

Prince George of Cambridge © Instagram

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