In a BBC podcast broadcast in 2021, Prince William revealed that Prince George was already aware of environmental challenges.
The young prince was made aware of the ecological cause during an extracurricular activity.
That day, his class was picking up trash.

Is Prince George already following in the footsteps of his eco-friendly grandfather, King Charles III? It’s possible ! In a BBC podcast broadcast in 2021, Prince William revealed that his 9-year-old eldest was already well aware of the major environmental challenges of our time. According to the Prince of Wales, the little prince would have been made aware of the climate issue during an extracurricular activity organized at Thomas’s Battersea preparatory school in London, where he has been educated since 2017.

“Recently at school, George went to pick up rubbish, told the husband of Kate Middleton to the BBC. I had not realized, but while talking to him the other day, I found that he was a bit lost and annoyed that I went to pick up trash one day and the next day, taking the same route at the same time, all the trash was back and they had to start all over again. I think he was trying to figure out where all this trash was coming from. He couldn’t figure it out, he was like, ‘We already cleaned up this place. Why is there still some?'”

“It would be an absolute disaster if in 30 years George found himself in my place”

Also on British radio, the Prince of Wales admitted to being saddened by the fact that his son had to worry about the climate issue. “There shouldn’t be a third generation to worry about that,” he said. “To me, it would be an absolute disaster if in 30 years George were to be here talking to you or your successor, of the same. By then it will be too late.”

While waiting for George to inherit the torch, the son of Charles III and the rest of the British royal family are investing daily against global warming. In 2020, Prince William notably launched the Earthshot Prize, an annual ceremony which rewards initiatives related to the protection of the environment. “Environmental protection was a cause dear to my grandmother and I know that she would have been delighted to hear about this event, he confided last September, during the award ceremony for the edition 2022. Together, we must ensure that the transition to durable solutions is the most rapid and comprehensive change the world has ever seen.”

Prince George: this extracurricular activity that opened his eyes to the state of the planet

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