Prince George, 8, was treated to a special episode on his favorite TV show. The Cambridge eldest son is a fan of the Fireman Sam children’s television series. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge themselves revealed their son’s passion a few years ago. At the microphone of BBC Radio One, George’s mother, Kate Middleton confirmed her son’s interest in the series. The Duchess of Cambridge, 40, also revealed that Prince George is particularly fond of the helicopters that appear in the series.

In 2016, Kate Middleton was spotted in a charity shop. The Duchess was in the process of purchasing a Fireman Sam reading book for her son George. Aware of this passion of the brother of Charlotte, 6, and Louis de Cambridge, 3, the creators of the series dedicated a special episode to him. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the series dating from 2018, the episode titled The Prince of Pontypandy was created. PontyPandy is a small fictional Welsh village where Sam and his fire crew live. Sam and his team are responsible for organizing an event related to the arrival of a surprise visitor. The mysterious visitor is an unnamed royal prince.

The prince saves a character who fell into a ravine in his favorite cartoon

In the scenario of the Prince of PontyPandy episode, one of the characters falls into a ravine. With his helicopter, the prince himself comes to rescue the latter. The footage is an obvious nod to Prince William, 39, Prince George’s father. Express recalls that Queen Elizabeth’s grandson is a search and rescue helicopter pilot. To reward his heroism, the village of Pontypandy offered a miniature helicopter to the prince. This pretty gesture is surely a nod to Prince George who is a fan of this cartoon and helicopters.

Prince George of Cambridge © The Duchess of Cambridge via Bestimage

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