Prince George: the harsh criticisms of which he is the object

Critics of Prince George are described as “very harsh” by a royal biographer. Because of his insults, Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided to put the 7-year-old prince away from public life. Prince George was seen with his parents on Sunday July 11 in the VIP box at Wembley Stadium. The footage showing Prince George ecstatic applauding Luke Shaw’s goal made an impression.

Along with these images, critics of Prince George’s outfit were quick to fall. Although the prince was particularly handsome in his suit and tie, the most scathing critics lean on this sartorial choice. On a picture of Prince George, we can read: “Hahahahahaahahahaha, I hope the little moron will cry in his tie”. On another comment, one can sense more hatred: “Someone has to brutalize this child. Just so that he can grow up normally.”

“F *** the royal family,” someone else said “

Robert Jobson, co-writer of Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, opens up about the mockery Prince George is subjected to. “Some have criticized him for wearing a shirt and tie like his father, which I found very hard,” he said. According to him, Prince George was made very famous because of this event, but he believes that he will also be taken out of the limelight.

Some offensive reviews even go beyond what Prince George wore. One can read on a comment: “And this royal participation is supposed to make Scotland want to stay in the union? Absolutely not.” The most offensive comment written by a critic of the royal family was: “F *** the royal family”. To top it off, it is reported that Kate and William disagreed over George’s outfit during that soccer game.

Prince George © Agency

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