The Queen had been on vacation at Balmoral since July 23, 2021. We saw her for the first time this Friday, October 1 in her rubber boots. She dressed in a long khaki coat that hides her knees. Queen Elizabeth II also covered her head with one of her pretty scarves. We can notice Prince Charles at his side, in a coat with large pockets of the same color. For the occasion, the prince opted for gray pants and black moccasins. On the program that day: the planting of a copper beech at the cricket pavilion of the Balmoral estate.

The Queen and her son pulled out the spades to plant this tree along with students from Crathie Primary School, the Daily Mail says. The planting of this tree is part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, an initiative that precedes the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Indeed, next year, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 70 years of reign. The aim of the initiative is to create “a lasting legacy in honor of the Queen’s 70 years of service to the nation, through a network of trees planted in her name” according to Daily Mail.

The queen has already planted 1,500 trees around the world

According to what is reported on the initiative’s Twitter account, the tree planted this Friday October 1 is the 1501st planted by the Queen. Indeed, since Her Majesty ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952, she has planted trees all over the world. According to the Queen’s Green Canopy Twitter account: “The tree planted today joins the 1,500 trees the Queen has planted around the world during her 70-year reign.” This initiative allows The Queen to remind people how important it is to plant trees for the future. She encourages everyone to take part using the slogan: “Plant a tree for the jubilee”.

Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Charles © Agence

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